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About RJP Consulting Group, LLC

RJP Consulting Group, LLC is a highly experienced outsourced construction management service provider headquartered in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The company has managed construction projects for an incredible variety of Financial, Retail and Hospitality clients across the United States. National brand names serviced by RJP include Nestlé, Hot Topic, Joe’s Crab Shack, Old Navy, TD Bank, and much more.

The RJP business model is centered on bridging a clear line of communication and shared goals with its clients. To accomplish this, Projectmates Cloud-Based Construction Program Management Software was brought on board to ensure that RJP and its clients are given state-of-the-art transparency over their commissioned projects. The software’s reporting and tracking features provide project managers with an unprecedented level of accountability and visibility across every facet of the project lifecycle.

RJP’s 25+ years of experience in the construction management field has only been further enhanced by leveraging advanced construction management software. With the latest project data being accessible from anywhere, at any time, Projectmates helps RJP Consulting to prevent risks, minimize delays, stay on budget, and maintain its reputation as a national leader in project management.

About Projectmates Construction Program Management Software

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online project management software available today. It blends all of the following aspects and more into an integrated and simple project management software solution:

See for yourself why Projectmates' construction management software for real estate development projects is the standard by which all others are measured — no other software for construction integrates more features in such an easy to use format.

Get in the game — Get Projectmates.

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